The Moda health website was specifically developed to be a sales tool used by sales people in the field, when working with potential employer clients. Through a couple different pathways, the salesperson is able to present to the employer all of the different online digital solutions that Moda Health Insurance offers for Health benefit administrators to manage get the most from the benefits they offer their employees, and how Moda Health’s digital tools help their employees maximize their plan.

The first screen a viewer sees forces the sales person to focus upon whether they are emphasizing the digital tools useful for employees, or digital tools useful for administrators. It is set up this way in order to put constraints around the presentation in order to have a more directed story.

The case for the employees, clicking upon the employees box will bring up a short pure JavaScript animation introduction. It was created this way, rather than by having a traditional video file, is this way we are able to responsively modify the sizing of objects and text in accordance with what looks best on any given device.

Clicking with the “View all in action” button, we’re simply closing the model and scrolling down the page, we’ll take the presenting salesperson on a Journey which lays out realistic situations in which an employee might need to access their Health insurance benefits. The scroll-based animation of elements logic is designed to once again guides the viewer on a story in which each of the digital solutions becomes most relevant.

All the details about the different digital solution are accessed via a modal card. The three icons in the upper right hand corner of the website bring in content that is stored in an off-canvas area. These are done this way in order to provide a full one-page-site experience, which reduces the amount of webpage refreshes required. It also makes it easy to cache the entire site on your mobile device for offline viewing and use.

The live tool is locked down behind Moda’s intranet system, but you can take a test drive of this site over at

2021 UPDATE : There’s a 2.0 version of the site. Test it at

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