I’ve been spending a ton of time with the AI art generation tool Midjourney. The documentation from the company may get you started with the settings, but there’s very little instruction on how to achieve one’s own stylistic direction. It just takes a ton of experimentation. I’ve always been interested in art that can be mass-produced, and therefore available at affordable prices. Thus, the art that I made in my 20s was photography, hand-cut stencil art, and hand-cut block printing. With that in mind, I started working on a series inspired by the late ’90s/early ’00s edgy hardcore punk aesthetic found on album covers, such as Converge’s “Jane Doe”. The result is the following collection of “linocut” inspired images. I’ve been using them as rotating computer monitor wallpaper backgrounds, and I thought others might be interested. These are all in a 3:2 aspect ratio, which isn’t ideal as there’ll be some cropping. I made them before Midjourney’s v4.3 came out which allows for wider image ratios (such as the preferred screen ratio of 16:9).

After creation with Midjourney, these have been upscaled to 3072 px x 2048 pixels through PixelBin.io. Unlike my Illustrated Parenting Journal series, none of these have been overpainted or modified from the original composition.

To download, just click on one of the thumbnail images, and then save the file that pops up.

Enjoy and let me know which ones you love. I release these with a creative commons license. If you’re curious about the prompts used, there are hints about that in the file names.

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