is a very robust hosting system specifically geared towards enterprise WordPress (and Drupal) sites. Naturally, they’re a little more restrictive about giving the type of SSH access you’d have on a standard VPS or dedicated hosting server. So they don’t have the normal type of SSH interaction, where you’d generate an ssh key and store the public version of it on the hosting server. However, I like using WP CLI in my work flows because having access to the commands for Search and Search-Replace can create incredible efficiency.

Instead, they have something called Terminus, which you have to install via the command line. Directions to do so are in their documentation at I followed the directions to for MacOS Homebrew Installation, and then created and installed a Machine Token. However, I was getting an error message of

env: php: No such file or directory

Evidently, when I upgraded my macOS to 12 (Monterey), it removed the system provided PHP and I needed to install it myself again.

It is easy to install if you have brew installed. Simply run the following:

brew install [email protected] brew-php-switcher
brew link [email protected]

This will install the latest version of PHP 7.4 as well as a handy utility for switching between PHP versions if you need to. Or you can just use

brew install php

And it’ll install the latest version of php.

So I was up and running, but today I tried to use Terminus again and was getting an error message of

$: You are not logged in. Run `auth:login` to authenticate or `help auth:login` for more info.  

After running auth:login you’ll get the email addresses for which you’ve got logins attached to your machine. Take one of those email addresses and use it in the following command

terminus auth:login [email protected]

That should do it for you.

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